2011 Força da Arte Batizado and Troca de Cordas

Our group will hold its main batizado and troca de cordas event at the end of September (23rd, 24th, 25th). There will be 3 exciting days of workshops culminating in the Batizado event itself on 25th September at Namba Hatch in the centre of Osaka.

A capoeira batizado is the most important event of every capoeira group and what all capoeiristas train hard for.  “Batizado” literally means baptism and it is where new students receive their first belt and are officially welcomed into the group. Other students have the chance to move up to a higher belt if they have been training well during the year.

This year, as usual Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha from Group Capoeira Mandinga in California will be joining us and will run 2 days of workshops focussing on key movements, music and instruments. The main Batizado on the Sunday will feature shows of acrobatics, capoeira movements, maculele (a Brazilian dance with sticks), Samba and Batucada (samba drumming). Come and join the fun!

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