2012 April Batizado e Troca de Cordas in Osaka

We had an awesome Batizado in Osaka at the beginning of April. A whole group of capoeiristas from around Japan descended on Osaka for 3 days of incredible workshops and festivities.


Contra Mestre Espeto, my teacher in Osaka, organized the event and we had 5 special guests, Mestre Sucuri and Professor Lingüiça from capoeira Zoador, Contra Mestre Lua Cheia From Capú Japon, Professor Neguinho from Capoeira Marana and Graduado Caçapa From Grupo Bantus Capoeira Japão.

Mestre Sucuri taught a workshop on how to really use your body properly in capoeira. One thing I really took away from the workshop was how to use my abdominal muscles when doing an au (cartwheel). He also taught some great new songs, some Puxada de Rede, samba and even some Afro dance.

Professor Neguino as always gave a fantastic workshop.  We learnt a couple of combinations in Capoeira Marana’s low-to-the-ground style. I need to work on my martelos!

Professor Lingüiça gave us a run through of bananeira variations and especially how to get into bananeira from cocorina. It was a great workshop.

I wasn’t able to attend the workshops given by Graduado Cacapa and Contra Mestre Lua Cheia but I heard they were also high-energy and a lot of fun.

The party on the Saturday night was, as usual, full of drinking, eating, singing and dancing (as all parties should be!).  We were able to try out some of the samba moves that Mestre Sucuri taught us earlier.

The Batizado event on the  Sunday was held under the bright spring sunshine and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. It was a perfect day.

3 of us from the Tokyo group went down to Osaka for the event. Congratulations to Mizuho for getting her green belt and to Branca de Neve for getting another stripe on her yellow belt.

Thanks to Contra Mestre Espeto and the Osaka group for organising another spectacular Batizado!


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