Capoeira Class

What’s the class like?

Capoeira classes give you a complete body work-out. They usually start with a gentle warm up and stretch and then progress into training of floor movements, kicks or acrobatics. You’ll be out of breath for much of the class but you’ll hardly notice as you’ll be having so much fun! The class often ends with a roda (capoeira circle) where the students practice the moves learnt in the class and is a chance to enjoy the game with fellow students.

Music and dance are a big part of capoeira so classes will often involve practice of instruments, singing or learning one of the traditional dances associated with capoeira such as maculele or samba.

Our classes in Tokyo are conducted in a mixture of English, Japanese and Portuguese for a real international experience. Everyone is very friendly so don’t worry if you can’t speak any of those languages very well. We are there to help.

What to wear

It is best to wear some ankle-length loose-fitting pants/trousers that have some elasticity. Pants used for yoga or dance are fine too.

On top, a t-shirt or similar is fine. Bear in mind that you will sweat a fair amount so a spare t-shirt in summer is never a bad idea. Most people go bare-foot during training but it is also possible to wear indoor gym shoes if you feel more comfortable in these.

What to bring

A bottle of water, a sweat towel


We train at a number of locations around Suginami-ward in Tokyo, Japan.

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Special starting offer: classes are 500yen. First class is free!

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