Nego Nago

Wow…I haven’t updated this website over years!! 😛
For those who interested in capoeira, I like to post something from time to time.

To re-start the FDA Tokyo website something useful, I would post a song I’m trying to learn.
“Nego Nago” is the capoeira song, so far I only found out at Mestre Ananias CD vol.1.
Lyrics is followings.

Nego nagô, quando morre, vai na tumba de banguê.
Os parentes vão dizendo, urubu tem que comer.
Aqui babá, a cangerê, nego nagô tem catinga de Sariguê.

I am not expert of Portuguese, but I like to put rough translation for myself.

When Nego nagô dies, there goes into a tomb of banguê (stretcher).
The Parents are going to say a black vulture will eat the body.
Here nanny, have the cangerê (ritual meeting), nego nagô, ballad of Sariguê (Skunk called inside northwest of Brazil)

On the link below, I like the part Mestre Ananias says “atenção!” to those who are not listening his singing, but this part is not on the CD.

This post is also available in: Japanese