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Capoeira Força da Arte

Força da Arte is a relatively new group but has deep links with the origins of capoeira. The group is associated with Capoeira Mandinga and Mestre (“Master” in English) Marcelo Caverinha in the USA. Mestre Marcelo and his more experienced students are regular visitors to Japan for our group’s events. Mestre Marcelo capoeira origins are with Mestre Suassuna of Group Cordao de Ouro.

Força da Arte is based in Osaka JAPAN, with branches in Tokyo and Okayama. Forca da Arte is led by Contra Mestre Espeto who has been training and teaching capoeira since 1994. The group in Tokyo is led by Instructor Pé de Boi.

Mestre Marcelo

Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha

Mestre Marcelo was a student of Mestre Suassuna, who is the co-founder of “Associacao de Capoeira Cordão de Ouro” known today as CDO. Back in the 80s when a student graduated in capoeira he/she was not allowed to use the name of their mestre’s group. This was a mandatory tradition that only started to change by the early 90s. For that all the 15 graduated students of Mestre Suassuna from the generation of mestre Marcelo’s turma* had to come up with their on school names (see some examples of their academy names below).  In 1984, Mestre Marcelo left Brazil and settled in the United States, bringing with him the rich art from of capoeira and at that time, was one of only three people teaching.

Mestre Marcelo has been developing the game in the United States and other parts of the world ever since, with a special emphasis on beauty and expression in the game combined with honesty and integrity in all areas of life.


Contra Mestre Espeto

Contra Mestre Espeto

CM Espeto has been training in the art of Capoeira since 1994. He first started Capoeira in a different capoeira group and was awarded the level of instructor in 1998.

Espeto has been in Japan since 2001 working as an entertainer and stuntman and officially started his own capoeira school in 2001. He founded his own group, Capoeira Força da Arte in 2006 and was awarded the level of Conta Mestre by his Mentor and Capoeira Godfather Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha (of Group Capoeira Mandinga) in 2007.

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